NaVida users surpass 100.000!

Over 100.000 users have downloaded the latest version of ECC´s mobile app for display of land and sea charts on iOS and Android











The NaVida Mobile App´s popularity continues and over 100.000 downloads are done of this free navigational App. It was first released in 2010 for iPhone and an Android version was released 2 years later. ECC's NaVida App can be downloaded from both Google Play and Apple AppStore.


It's build in functionality and support of different map sources makes it very powerful for navigational planning for leisure use. NaVida is used in a surprisingly wide range, far outside the original intended scope for this App. 


ECC would like to thank all of our current users and all the positive feedback received and we hope the user community will continue to grow!




LZ North APP launched on behalf of The Air Ambulance Services of Norway

On behalf of Luftambulansetjenesten HF, ECC have developed and launched a new mobile application that provide features like high resolution maps, detailed information on each landing zone and high resolution photos of each landing zones.

Renewal of the PRIMAR operations service agreement signed

The Norwegian Mapping Authority, Hydrographic Service and Electronic Chart Centre AS sign the PRIMAR operations services agreement

ECC Mapping solutions - Watch our new promotion video!

How can we help? See our new funny promo video to discover some of the endless possibilities using our Maplytic solution

National Air Ambulance Service of Norway (Luftambulansetjenesten) awarded contract to ECC

ECC was, on Friday 3rd of June, awarded the contract to provide a new mobile application for National Air Ambulance Service of Norway (Luftambulansetjenesten)