Geoview is your ultimate GeoData solution. Depending on your specific business needs, the different GeoView packages can be adapted to provide operational efficiency and innovative viewing, distribution and integration tools for the utilisation and management of your geodata.

The table below sets out the three GeoView service types, have a look and see which one fits your business needs. In order for our service to offer you most value as possible, we offer customisation and will work together with you if you require additional or amended functionality.

S-63 Tile Cache EU INSPIRE Directive Chart Provider Sync Custom Data Upload WMS S-57 Distribution Pay As You Sail Compability

WMS - GeoView utilizes a Web Map Service for displaying available geodata in WMS clients, such as the JavaScript widgets Leaflet and OpenLayers, ArcGis, uDig and Google Earth just to name a few. These generic internet interfaces allow for simple viewing and distribution of your geodata to the selected users, whether it be in-office, on board vessels or on internet portals. Symbolisation is according to IHO S-52 for S-57 ENC, Inland Waterways and AIO. WMS names styles allows the users to switch between predefined set of S-52 parameters such as safety depth, viewing groups and transparency.

S-63 - Allows the import and export of encrypted S-63 data sets with cell keys and the import of unencrypted S-57 data sets which are instantly encrypted with S-63 encryption and signing.

S-57  Distribution - Allows the import, storage and distribution / download of the S-57 digital product through a web interface, showing which areas have been updated and when. Other digital products can be included.

Custom Data Upload - The software can display additional custom data layers on top of the ENC chart, integrating them into one complete image. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive so that layers can easily be turned on and off in a flexible manner.

Chart Ordering System - Allows users to purchase geodata directly through Web Services or the Catalogue Desktop application within the system, converting selected geodata cells into orders and giving the customer the freedom to integrate the GeoView with his own business system.

Pay as You Sail (PAYS) Compatibility - The system allows for the ENC's to be passively installed on a navigation system, for flexibility in re-routing and planning purposes. The system receives position reports from the vessel, automatically creates orders based on the position reports and specifies PAYS orders on sales reports.

Chart Provider Sync - An automatical syncing between the GeoView and the PRIMAR ENC database allows for new and updated charts, signature files and cell keys to automatically be imported in the GeoView. The sync frequency is configurable depending on customer need. Synchronisation to other ENC data suppliers is possible.

Customer Management System - The system users have the opportunity to view the charts, search for charts, create baskets, generate orders and see sales reports. The system allows the creation of a customer and licencee portfolio.

EU INSPIRE Directive - Completely or partly fulfils the EU INSPIRE Directive requirements for View or Download services for spatial information in Europe.

Administration/User Rights - All users accessing the system require a user account and associated rights. The system allows the creation and administration of different roles and groups with certain rights to give users access to, or restrict users from a selection of functionality.

Tile Cache - Allows for optimizing delivery of chart and map imagery across the Internet through image caching. This results in quick display of maps and selected areas , with GeoRSS integration supporting dynamic tile-expiry.

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