GeoView S-63


In an increasingly competitive marketplace, ENC users require simple and secure methods of receiving ENCs, no matter their desired route. ENC resellers therefore need to be competitive both in terms of ENC pricing but also the provision of end-to-end services and extended chart coverage to these users. This becomes even more relevant with the imminent introduction of ECDIS mandation 2012, which will incorporate a large number of new vessels to navigation on electronic navigational charts.

The GeoView S-63 system addresses these challenges and enables ENC re-sellers to develop their own ENC services and source data directly from both the RENCs and the hydrographic offices, which are not part of a RENC, in order to stay competitive.


  • Data treated in accordance with IHO S-63 Data Protection Scheme
  • Complete ENC business system
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Hosted with 97% uptime
  • Web based online reporting
  • Automated for PRIMAR data
  • Continuous maintenance and bug-fixes



The GeoView S-63 system provides the ENC re-sellers with a complete business system for the collection and distribution of ENC charts (compliant with the S-57 product specification) to end users.

The system is hosted with ECC to ensure service continuity and maintenance through a web-interface where the re-seller has access to all relevant tools with which to encrypt electronic navigational chart data and issue permits associated with this data for distribution to the end-users.

The GeoView S-63 system has functionality for importing encrypted and unencrypted S-57 data sets with or without provided cell keys.  It also allows the import of encrypted S-63 data sets with cell keys, export of encrypted S-63 data sets, permit file generation, customer and vessel management and support for financial reporting.

All of which enables the ENC re-sellers to take control of their own ENC service, define their own margins and ultimately become independent ENC providers to the increasingly growing user market.