The use of maps and charts in everyday analysis and operational activities is on the increase. Often, accurate charts are required as background in company specific tools and software so that the organisation can perform their core functions. Rather than having to heavily invest both time and money in getting server-capacity, creating a geodatabase, collecting data and setting up wms/wfs/tile and web map services, our Maplytic customers can now simply access a custom password protected portal which is configured to their specific needs.


  • Simple solution set-up
  • No need to invest in GIS infrastructure
  • Scalable solutions
  • Intuitive interface
  • WMS Tile Cache for fast speed
  • Integration with other data
  • Hosted for guaranteed uptime & support
  • Tailoring available



Maplytic offers a simple ready-made geoserver functionality which enables the user to upload their own maps and chart data in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This data can also be combined with already available official data and information sources, such as place names, cycle routes, address registers, landmark overview and other.


The service can be adapted to the specific operational environment it is to be used in, with scalable functionality which can include features such as map editing, planning purposes, historical track of changes, user configuration and administration rights, amongst others. To cater for instances where the service might be in use by a number of users, Maplytic offers tile cache functionality.