The Ethics Code of Conduct describes our commitment and requirements in connection with issues of an ethical nature that relate to business practice and personal conduct. These codes of conduct apply to the organization and our individual employees, board members, hired personnel, consultants, intermediaries and others who act on our behalf, hereafter referred to as "the individual".


  • Commitment: In our business activities, we will comply with applicable laws and regulations and act in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manner. Respect for human rights is an integral part of our values base. We shall be known for our high ethical standards.

  • Responsibility and Respect: Managers at all levels have a particular responsibility for clarifying and creating acceptance for ethically acceptable behaviour, and for creating the conditions in which it can be practised. Every individual is responsible for seeking advice and guidance from their superior when they are uncertain about the acceptable way to practise our ethical guidelines. The individual also has a personal responsibility to report any breaches of the ethical standards which are observed.

  • Activities and the business: Our infrastructure, tools and equipment will contribute to the efficient performance of our assignments and to the provision of products and services in accordance with the contract. The individual has a shared responsibility for ensuring that resources are used as efficiently as possible to reach our goals. No activities will be pursued or resources used if incompatible with our business.
  • Working environment: The individual will treat colleagues and the company's partners in a respectful and objective manner, and cause no harm to their reputation. Everyone in the company must respect each other's work, and help to promote collaboration and the transfer of expertise between individuals both within and across work teams and disciplines.

  • Loyalty and conflicts of interest: All employees have a duty to comply loyally with decisions taken by the management and the board, and with applicable laws and regulations. Employees are to report to their superior if actions or decisions could represent conflicts of interests to them personally, their close associates or their business contacts.