Ensuring that electronic navigational charts (ENCs) can be accessed through simple and reliable supply arrangements is often cited as crucial for increasing the take-up of ENCs amongst seafarers.

Our tools for distribution of ENC data provide PRIMAR with access to a service package which is simple to integrate, ensuring efficient and simple ENC data distribution to commercial ENC distributors as well as national and navy ENC suppliers. The technology used enables the provision of a 24/7 data distribution service.

This is achieved by focusing on automation, efficiency, self service, online solutions and cost efficiency. We offer off the shelf solutions (PRIMAR Chart Catalogue) or customised communication protocols for third party software integration (B2B). The large range of services provide PRIMAR and its distributors with the freedom to choose the optimal solution.


  • Automated real-time tools
  • User-friendly ENC ordering portal and customer management portal
  • Various distribution methods to suit end-user requirements
  • Differentiated and customized tools depending on needs
  • Sales assistance and support
  • Upgrades and technological development
  • Provision of consultancy & support

Scope of Service

We deliver a range of services which enable PRIMAR to provide an ENC data distribution service:

  • ENC CD and online distribution methods
  • ENC Permit service delivering the decryption key for ENCs
  • Chart Catalogue services providing an interface for ordering, distributing and administration of ENCs and customers
  • B2B service allowing the integration of business systems

ECC are proud to be the main supplier of technology, services and support to PRIMAR and its worldwide network of distributors, including Maris, Nautisk Forlag, Transas AS, Thomas Gunn Navigation Services, Datema, Adveto, Furuno, Kelvin Hughes, Sodena SAS, ScanNav, El Mare Marine Electronics, HanseNautic GmbH, DPM Singapore Pte Ltd and Japan Hydrographic Charts & Publications Co. Ltd.