Ensuring that electronic navigational charts (ENCs) can be accessed through simple and reliable supply arrangements is often cited as crucial for increasing the take-up of ENCs amongst seafarers.

PRIMAR represents a collaboration between a number of member nations in delivering an integrated ENC service to the maritime market. Our tools and services provide the ENC producers from 13 member nations a reliable, effective and available service for quality assurance and distribution of their ENC products. This is achieved by offering a 24/7 service where ENC producers are able to interact with our database in Stavanger via a wide range of in-house developed tools and services.

This Virtual PRIMAR Network (VPN) technology ensures ENC cross-border consistency and quality, on-line data transfer and storage and secure supply based of the IHO's S-63 data protection scheme to ensure data integrity.


  • Full access & control to own ENC data 24/7
  • Efficient and fast quality checks
  • Easy access to neighbouring data
  • Support for IHO and IMO data standards
  • Upgrades and technological development
  • Provision of consultancy & support


Scope of service

We deliver a range of ENC data collection tools which enable PRIMAR to provide an ENC service:  

  • Online validation of ENCs including consistency checks
  • Access to in-house developed S-57 validation tools
  • Virtual PRIMAR Network for transferring and release control of ENC data 24/7
  • S-57 expertise (ECC is involved in the working group developing the new S-101 standard)

We are proud to be the main supplier of technology, services and support to PRIMAR and its member nations, such as the hydrographic offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, France, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Mozambique, Latvia, Estonia, Brasil and many others.